You ❤️ Power

Freaky singing techniques, "when the cellist and the scientist walk into a bar," and trim the fat off your corporate speak.

You ❤️ Power


Today I have 1 question for you. But before we go there, here are 3 random and fun things:

1. She can sing two notes at the same time. It's a real skill because it has a very serious-sounding name: "Polyphonic Overtone Singing." 🤯

2. What happens when Scientist Richard Feynman and Cellist Yo Yo Ma decide to make art? You get to go onto a trip without having to ingest any fungi. 🍄

3. Short on hacks to up your management game? Try this: Remove a corporate jargon from your "work-speak." It can be anything. Preferably, it's something that's both shallow and annoying. Take step back, open the kimono, and start with the low-hanging fruits.


I have one question for you.

Do you crave power?

Honestly. Do you? I know I do.

As managers, you most likely do. It's just human nature. We want power because power gives us control. As a manager, you have a lot of power. You have positional power. You have the power to hire, evaluate, and fire. You have access to scarce resources and powerful people.  You have the power to set goals, assign roles, and assess progress. You have the powers to control your staff, your teams, and your circumstances.

So do you crave for power?

Or better yet, do you crave for control or do you crave for power? Or both?

Or, can you achieve control without power?



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